Auto parts business management made right.

Built for customer centric manufacturers and wholesalers. Tailored for the automotive spare parts business.

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Our solution

Driving the ultimate

customer experience

For retailers

CENTRIX is the ultimate software solution that help you excel in sales management, logistics, customer engagement, marketing automation and business analytics of your wholesale business.

Entrust your teams with the tools to get ahead of your competitors.

For manufacturers and networks

Do you have a network of wholesalers/retailers?

Distribute CENTRIX over your network. Access data and help them drive their businesses to success.

Build aggregated knowledge and get to know your end customer better.

Sales Management

Sales reps with superpowers.

We bring automatic planning, advanced analytics and powerful customer insights to your sales team.

Access all customer data in one spot.

Salesmen with superpowers


Every customer is special.

Track all interactions with your customers and get to know them better.

Build segmentation and classification schemas and discover new business opportunities.

Provide your teams with really valuable information and help them leverage your customers for more sales.

Business Analytics

Say goodbye to spreadsheet nightmare.

CENTRIX ships with an advanced and highly customizable analytics system.

Drill down in your sales data and monitor your business from endless points of view.

Business analytics
Faster and better call center operators

Call Center Operation

Faster and better agents.

Stop wasting time jumping around between multiple applications and give your call center agent a unified solution.


The complete package.

CENTRIX is the ultimate software solution that gathers all the acquired expertise in many fields such as sales management, logistics, customer engagement, marketing automation and wholesaler business management.

The software is amazing but the concepts are gold.

  • Business Analytics

  • CRM

  • Call Center Support

  • Automatic Trip Planning

  • Customer Engagement Events

  • Sales and Goals Management

  • Financial Control

  • DMS integration

  • and much more ...